Home Invasion and Kidnapping of Jewellers

Home Invasion and Kidnapping

In mid-August, the Nadler family of jewellers from Salzburg (Austria) hit the headlines again. Three armed men kidnapped the couple and their two children from their property. While children and husband were held hostage, the woman had to drive to the jewellery shop to get valuable jewellery for the blackmailers.

Nowhere is the supposed wealth more visible than in a jeweller’s shop. Attractive displays present expensive watches, shiny gemstones and exclusive jewelry. However, these shops are very well secured, which means that a burglary or robbery carries a very high risk. From the point of view of the perpetrators it is only logical to take the path of least resistance and that is via the owner family. The shop is scouted out and the place of residence of the owners is found out. A home invasion does not have to take place at night, but can also happen during the day when the family is on their property. Many residents rely on an alarm & video system, but these purely electronic measures do not prevent any action. During the day or when they are present, they are not active anyway and even if they are, a camera is of little use to masked perpetrators.

This requires different concepts than the purely electronic ones just mentioned. Structural & mechanical safety measures are the first choice in such dangerous situations. A panic room (safe room) can reliably prevent direct contact with the perpetrators. In combination with other measures, safety can be increased considerably. Security that does not only protects life against armed intruders, but also prevents many possible aftereffects.

Thus, after such a massive act as a robbery, serious psychological long-term consequences for the victims arise. Especially when you have experienced violence within your own four walls, it is very difficult to get back to a normal rhythm. Often even a change of house is necessary because it is simply no longer possible to build up the necessary inner security in the area where things happened.

Our task is to create individual security concepts and to implement the appropriate measures in close coordination with the customer. Hardly visible technology then offers protection against access and can withstand fire from small arms. Inconspicuous, direct and secure, existing areas such as a bedroom can be upgraded or, in the case of a new building, basic security planning can be incorporated.

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