Gleichwertigkeit Grundsatz

Equivalence in safety planning is a principle. It says that there must be no weakest link in a chain. Nevertheless, this principle is very often violated if planning is inadequate or not carried out at all. In practice, it happens that the entrance door to the jeweller’s shop has a high burglary resistance, but the wall to the neighbouring shop is made of plasterboard. Here the perpetrators are formally issued an invitation to take the path of least resistance.

The situation becomes critical when there is danger to life due to planning failures. For example, in security areas such as a panic room or a prison. In 2018, for example, four prisoners escaped from the Pl√∂tzensee (Germany) prison via a heating room. There was enough time out of the room to “dismantle” a less secure ventilation opening undisturbed. In 2019, a person from the same institution who was classified as dangerous managed to escape again, resulting in a danger to the public.

When it comes to your direct safety, e.g. in a panic room, you are confronted with topics such as gun fire, blasting, burglary resistance or fire protection. For such critical issues, please consult the advice of experts or have the entire planning carried out by a specialist company. This is not about the loss of valuables, but about the protection of the most valuable thing we have; life. We will be glad to help you select the experts or to provide an integrated planning for you.

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