RC4 Sliding Door

RC4 sliding door: the plus for your security

When it comes to your security, you should focus on quality. DIN EN 1627 describes burglar-resistant components that make it more difficult for burglars to break in through windows or doors, for example. The standard comprises a total of six resistance classes. The higher the value or resistance class, the longer the material can withstand mechanical stress, e.g. from an axe or chisel. For a security room or “panic room”, we at Turtle Saferooms recommend a door with resistance class RC4 or higher.

Advantages of electronic sliding doors

In addition to visual aspects, a sliding door offers a variety of advantages such as enhanced security aspects and convenience with an electric operation. In everyday life, we know electronically operated sliding doors, which do not require manual operation of the door, from shopping centers or elevators. Doors are opened and closed automatically at the touch of a button, without having to press a handle or pull open a heavy door. This makes operating the door child’s play, and it is quick and easy to operate even in stressful situations.

RC4 sliding door in panic rooms

A sliding door also has some advantages over a conventional door for use in security rooms. In order not to waste living space, existing rooms such as a dressing room or the office can be converted into a panic room (“room-in-room concept”). In this case, the function of the original room is retained. The additional security functions must not disturb the atmosphere in the personal home. Heavy security doors, however, would be a major visual disruptive factor. A hidden sliding door RC4 in a wall pocket, on the other hand, represents a very good, hardly noticeable solution. By manual or electric operation of the sliding door, the dressing room or office can be quickly closed securely, providing protection from possible intruders.

Room-high sliding door made of safety steel

In addition to sliding doors with resistance class RC4 or higher, room-height sliding doors with a security function have proven their worth in numerous Turtle Saferooms projects. This design allows a wide passage to an everyday used room without a visible lintel, which can be used as a safe panic room in case of need. An inconspicuous guide rail in the floor secures the door run. This is little disturbing with a few millimeters in width.



If you are interested in a panic room, we recommend that you take advantage of an individual consultation with a security expert. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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