Safety Solutions

We offer individual safety solutions to protect your family. You will find panic rooms, safety doors, ballistic protection and anti-burglary materials.

And of course the service around the planning and the installation.

Panic Rooms

Individual, inconspicuous, secure. With the room-in-room concept you will not lose any living space.
Schlafzimmer mit begehbarem Kleiderschrank

Hidden Doors

A hidden door provides access to a room or secret room.
Geheimtür unsichtbar

Safety Doors

Our product "sliding door" offers a defined burglary and bullet resistance.
bullet proof door

Ballistic Protection

Walls of your office complex or you residential building can be ballistically reinforced by us.

Wall Reinforcement

Special materials create a defined burglar resistance for your wall.
Schutzwand einbruchhemmend

Safety Film

Our safety film protects against smash-and-grab raid, vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices.
Durchwurfhemmung Fensterfolie

Our Service





Security is confidence

If you contact us as an entrepreneurial family or public figure, we will treat your request with absolute confidentiality. Our lean organization guarantees that only the most diverse group of employees will ever become aware of your project. Information about sensitive security technology, for example if you want to build a panic room, does not belong in the press or in the environment of your property. For this reason, we always use neutral company vehicles during assembly. Thank you very much for your confidence and we look forward to hearing from you.

Dipl.-Ing. Joerg Allstaedt
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