Safety Door

Sicherheitstür & einbruchhemmende Schiebetür

Sliding Door "DEFENSE"

Our product “sliding door” consists of a door leaf with a defined bullet resistance and a surrounding steel frame. The high burglar resistance combined with a panic lock (door closes when closing), provides you a secure sliding door – if desired completely hidden in the wall as a pocket door.

 Operation is possible manually or electrically via a push-button. This can also be combined with an alarm system, that in case of internal arming, the door closes automatically.

Sliding Door "GUARD"

Our “GUARD” comes complete with its own wall on request. The sliding door and wall are equivalent in terms of security and offer high burglary and bullet resistance.

An electric drive closes and locks the sliding door securely within a few seconds. A message can be sent directly to the control center via KNX that an emergency has occurred.

Due to the sliding door’s own cage, the wall thickness is reduced to a minimum and planking can be done by the drywaller.

RC4 Sliding Door
Sicherheitstür & einbruchhemmende Schiebetür

Sliding Door "HOMELAND"

For maximum safety, our product “HOMELAND” offers a fully automatic sliding door in a class of its own. A bullet resistance up to VPAM 10 offers protection against large-calibre long guns.

The high burglar resistance is guaranteed by several vertically movable bolts made of 60 mm safety steel.

Fully automatic operation with its own control system ensures maximum security and possible combinations with other systems.

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