Safety Film


Protection, comfort & design

Glass panes coated with our safety film are protected against smash-and-grab raid, vandalism and attacks with incendiary composition.

The film is applied to your windows by our specialist fitters. It is rigorously tested by an independent institute and complies with European standards. Application areas are:

  • Salesroom
  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Museum
  • Embassy
  • Administration
  • Residential

Technical Details

  • Tracon® Safety Film
  • transparent, P2A
  • thickness approx. 0.4 mm
  • tested / certified acc. DIN EN 356 / DIN 52290
  • complies with the police recommendation for retrofitting

Other films

In addition to the security film other special films are available:

  • radiation and espionage protection film
  • privacy film
  • Sun protection film
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