Panic Room


With our room-in-room concept, the panic room integrates into an existing room such as walk-in closet. It is therefore not perceived as a secure area and there is no loss of living space.

Conclusions on a panic room are hardly available, and the daily use of the safe area is fully possible.

protection all around

A sliding door with burglar- and bullet-resistant layers and reinforced walls, ensures a safe distance to the intruders.

A communication from the inside of the panic with the intervention forces is provided by your alarm system.

Design & technique

The safety technology is barely perceptible and on request the sliding door disappears completely in the wall (pocket door).

A guide rail in the floor is made of high quality material and the dimensions are only a few millimeters in width.


A common and early planning with your architect, ensures the best possible results in case of a new building.

But even with retrofits in existing buildings, there are many ways to provide more security.

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