Safety Wall

In case of emergency the Turtle Saferooms Safety Wall allows the shut-off of wider areas such as a school corridor or sections in the airport.
In the event of an attack, the area can be delineated and a gun fire can be prevented. If there is no danger, the wings of the door conceal in the wall. In the case of a manual actuation, these pass over a few cm. The impact of armed rampages or terrorist attacks can be devastating. By this technique, perpetrators have only a limited range of agitation and uninhabited persons can get themselves safe.

Wand gegen Terror
Safety Wall


Through multi leaves with telescopic drive, large areas can be quickly demarcated manually or electrically. Depending on the application, a panic function can be used. Further adjustments are possible depending on the application. Even an “open” wing is possible to ensure a quick evacuation.

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