Berechnen Sie die Kosten für Ihren Safe Room.

Überfall Diebstahl PKW

RESIDENTIAL - Safety at home

A secured area within the house provides the family with protection in dangerous situations. These arise during the home invasion, the robbery in your own house. Here, several armed people appear and specifically seek contact with the residents to find money hideouts or blackmail the safe combination.

Homejacking is also becoming more common. Here, the predators are primarily on premium vehicles apart, which can only be stolen with the original key due to the immobilizer. The gangsters surprise the inhabitants in their sleep and blackmail the car keys with gun power if they are not found directly. Since the vehicles are on the property, it is also assumed that the owners are on site. Here the confrontation holds a high danger. Often the vehicles are already pre-ordered, which further increases the “pressure to succeed” of the invaders

Panic Room or a Hidden Room ensures a safe distance to the perpetrators.

Protects against

  • Home Invasion
  • Homejacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Blackmail
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