Our sliding door consists of a door leaf with defined bullet resistance and a surrounding steel frame. The door leaf is surrounded by all sides and a shot in the floor area can not be made. The high burglar resistance combined with a panic lock (door closes when closing), provides you a secure sliding door – if desired completely hidden in the wall (pocket door).

Operation is possible manually or electrically via a push-button. This can also be combined with an alarm system, so that in case of internal arming, the door closes automatically in case of alarm.

Lay out the sliding door according to your needs and send us the form. We will be happy to get in contact with you and make an offer or discuss further details. To plan the delivery or assembly costs, the selection of your state is necessary.

Schiebetür kaufen leicht gemacht. Wir nehmen in Kürze Kontakt zu Ihnen auf.

Stahlrahmen Tür
kugelsichere Schiebetür

Technical Details

  • Ceiling height 2,20 m und 2,80 m
  • Projecting Installation
  • Bottom Guidance
  • Burglar Resistance
  • manually or electrically
  • bullet-resistant
  • Panic Lock

Materials certified according to VPAM PM2007 Kl. 4 (Magnum) and 6 (Kalaschnikow).

Details VPAM.

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