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Panic Room with Pocket Door

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Our Panic Room is a self-contained system. It fits into an existing room and is thus only perceived as a wall or another room. The protection area adjoins the existing ceiling and therefore does not permit any conclusions to be drawn on installations.


The wall consists of different layers, which fulfill the specific functions. The Panic Room is therefore burglar-resistant, can be bullet-resistant on request. A finish of painting or wallpapering can be given. We achieve a standard wall thickness of 151 mm with the smallest shot class (caliber 0.44 magnum). Within the walls, the installation of a line e.g. for a the alarm technique is possible. The connection of the lines must be carried out by a local electrician. A 40 mm sound insulation inside the installation, dampens noise from the interior.

Possible installation position:

Panikraum Grundriss im Schlafzimmer


Access to the Saferoom is provided by a manually or electrical operated sliding door. The technology for this is robust, simple and proven for years. The application should be kept as simple as possible. By using a sliding door, the entrance to the Panic Room can be covered. The passage height is about 1985 mm.

Since the Safe Room acts as a sort of panic room, it must be accessible quickly in an emergency. Thus, the sliding door is not lockable from the outside, but only from the inside.

Optionally, you will find in the interior an emergency alarm system with an emergency button and, on request, a counter-intercom system.

  • Ceiling to ceiling
  • burglar
  • bullet proof
  • installation-level
  • soundproofing


On the outside only the passage and one or two walls can be seen from the Safe Room. The walls are designed in the same shape as the existing room walls. This results in a harmonious image without disturbing influences. Previously removed footboards can be reattached to the wall of the Panic Room.

The surface or the color of the sliding door can be selected of a decor overview. An adaptation to the existing color style is thus quickly possible.

In order to achieve a further protection effect, the Panic Room can also have a hidden door an an entrance. A combination of walk-in closet and a security room is also possible.

Dekor der Sicherheitstür im Panikraum


In order to achieve a further protection effect, the entrance of the Panic Room can also be concealed. Details are not public.

  • Harmonious integration
  • Integration into existing room
  • Hidden door
  • many decors available


As a part of physics, the ballistics describes processes such as e.g. A bullet moving through the air. A human body can not oppose the occurring energy. Therefore Police and special Units use bulletproof vests to absorb the energy.

To stop a bullet from a human body, there are various materials such as plastics and metals. But wood has also been applied to ballistic protection for a long time. Depending on the application, we use tested and certified materials for your protection in the Panic Room.


There are different standards for classifying ballistic classes(NIJ, VPAM PM2007, STANAG). In order to make it more visual, we orient ourselves to known calibers or weapons such as the Magnum 0.44 and the Kalashnikov 7.62.
Protection against further calibers is of course possible, but not guided as a standard here and can therefore be discussed separately.

Find further Information to the ballistic classes und den materials.

  • certified materials
  • metall, plastic and wood
  • Flexibility in the ballistic classes


A dressing room is usually located right next to the bedroom. Thus, good accessibility is ensured. Through a secure sliding door and a special wall construction, aesthetics and protection are effectively combined.

begehbarer Kleiderschrank


A concealed entrance door to a safe room provides additional security. If the intruders do not know where / if someone is in the house, no targeted attacks against the system.

Secret hidden Door


Similar to the dressing room, a wine cellar can also take over a safety function. The space is thus not given away and security and style can be reconciled.

Panikraum und Weinregal
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