Schutz vor Splitter bei Explosion und Ansprengung
Durchschusshemmende Wand im Trockenbau

A completely new Safe Room is not always necessary. Under certain conditions, a “bullet-proof” wall structure with a special door can be useful. Usually, interior doors in houses are not sufficiently burglar-resistant and the walls are not bullet-proof. Even concrete walls are not automatically bullet-proof. If, however, a good substance is present, we also offer the reinforcement of your walls and create your individual “Panic Room”.

Your usual room layout is almost unchanged. All possible attack sites are reinforced, providing protection wherever you want. Whether in the living room, the storage room or in the bedroom.


There are different standards for classifying ballistic classes(NIJ, VPAM PM2007, STANAG). In order to make it more visual, we orient ourselves to known calibers or weapons such as the Magnum 0.44 and the Kalashnikov 7.62.

Protection against further calibers is of course possible, but not guided as a standard here and can therefore be discussed separately.

  • wall structure
  • bullet-proof
  • minimally invasive
  • almost everywhere

Safety-relevant areas should be protected from shelling and should have a resitance to explosives. The fragments in explosions act like bullets and penetrate inner walls, outer walls or bodies. By reinforcing the walls with our ballistic material, you create security and ensure your integrity and that of your employees..


Individual adaptations and many possible applications are realizable through the material. Mobile or stationary office containers in crisis countries or guard posts can be equipped accordingly.

Projectiles or splinters will be safely enclosed within the material.

  • security wall
  • resistance to explosives
  • shatter protection
  • crisis countries
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