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A Panic Room can protect your life

A “Safe Room” or “Panic Room” offers you a safe retreat in critical situations. Dodge intruders in your home or at work and avoid dangerous conflicts.

Our solution makes the Panic Room inconspicuous and an installation is possible afterwards. You can also use the shelter in other ways, e.g. in the form of a walk-in wardrobe or as a wine rack.

The Panic Room is burglar-resistant and also provides security and resistance until assistance has arrived. You and your family are on the safe side in an event of  a shooting between the intruder and the Police.

Move into your Panic Room in case of danger and monitor the situation. If your alarm system has not already activated, call emergency and wait for the arrival of the police. You can also specify details of the situation via your hold-up Alarm system.

About us

“As a company founder, I see myself as a solution provider for your personal protection requirements and your security. The development and planning of the Saferoom takes place in direct coordination with me. After the prefabrication, the construction takes place at the planned position with my team. Even after your room has been erected, I will gladly be at your disposal for further questions.”

Founder Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Joerg Allstaedt


“As a graduate mechanical engineer, I can provide more than 20 years of engineering experience. But technology is not everything, my distinctive service idea wants you to become a satisfied customer, so that you can recommend my solutions and the panic room.”


“In addition to robust technology, I attach great importance to the most ecological materials possible. Resources are spared and burdens are kept low. Many of the processed products are completely pollutant-free and from renewable raw materials. Wood, for example, belongs to my selected materials for every Panic Room.”


“At the individual planning of your shelter, I return to standardized systems, which have already proven themselves over many years. A high reliability of the system and your protection are the core points of my company. Many of my components are patented and the bullet-proof products are subject to independent testing.”


We value individual advice. This is where we can clarify your personal situation and create a detailed offer for your Panic Room. The initial consultation and the offer is, of course, free of charge.


Take advantage of an all-round service. You will get the entire Panic Room from a single source and have one contact person throughout the entire project. Few interfaces means maximum efficiency.


We are aware of our responsibility in this sensitive issue and promise reliable implementation of your project – from the planning to the installation of the Panic Room and the protection of your personal data.

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